Airplane Trip
The stewardess seated a three-year-old boy next to me (June Rosenberry, author of the Chain Reaction Learning Reading Series) on an airplane for a 2-hour flight.  I had a copy of the book with me and for the whole flight I took him through the pictures and words.  At the end of the flight I gave him the book and he smiled, and smiled, and smiled and hugged the book to his chest.  This was a very happy boy!  I briefly spoke with his father when we deplaned and never heard anything after that, but I knew that life had changed for that child.

My Neice
Recently my over-30 neice came to visit me. She reminded me that I had taught her to read when she was five.   She also told me that she had a much easier time in school than the other children because she knew how to read before starting the first grade.  She has been a successful administrative assistant for a very demanding boss for about ten years now.  She is very organized and happy with what she is doing.

An adult male student in his 20’s came to me and wanted to learn more about reading.  He could read but he said he knew that there were holes in what he knew.  I took him through the books and he at times became very emotional. He continually asked me why teachers never told him the way words were made and how to sound them out. He also was very happy to “fill in his holes” and by the time we finished the series he looked much better physically, happier, with a springy step.

A college student who completed the series wrote the following: “All I can say is that I’m on my way to achieving a goal that I want very badly — to totally handle my education.  The Reading Series has got me over the first barrier. I can now read 100% better. I am very pleased with the basic knowledge of reading. I’ve got a good start now and I will obtain my goal.”

Another college student writes: “I didn’t know how to read!  The frustrations from trying to make it in class under those circumstances were great.  These books changed all that.”

This from a teacher: “Happiness is having someone who cares enough to give your time for helping our children. Many thanks to you.”

This to a mother from child’s teacher: “Congratulations! Mary has moved up two reading levels. She worked very hard for this advancement. I am very, very proud of her.”